Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cadair Braeden

Cadair Braeden is a fully immersive fantasy medieval role play sim set on 3 sims. Besides being home to one of the biggest, friendliest, and most active role play communities in second life it contains some of the most breath taking displays of nature. The heavily wooded sims feature many nice private areas to engage in medieval and fantasy role play or to just enjoy the resplendent beauty of the forest.


This rich woodland setting is teaming with some of the most creative fantasy avatars in sl. Elves, fairies, drow, dwarves, hobbits and more. The role play is free form and written by the participants. If you are new to role play the members of this awesome group are happy to teach, so everyone can have a chance to enjoy the role play experience here in a majestic setting.


This is one place you will want to go again and again. So much to explore with 3 sims can take time to see it all. If you would like to know more about Cadair Braeden see their blog here or check out the in world group for more information and assistance.

Please enjoy and if you like these places be sure to offer your support so that they will be around for a long time to come.

See you around the grid

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Retreat

The Retreat

The Retreat is among other things one of the newest discount events in sl providing self indulgent shopping on a budget in a relaxing setting letting you retreat from the stresses of daily life. Offering a great range of quality items, to add to your sl all for $50L or less in addition to over 20 gifts from the designers of Freebie Fashionista. It is located on the sim of Angels and sits just across from Dulce Secrets. A collaborative effort of Freebie Fashionista and Anne Maertens of Dulce Secrets this shopping oasis offers more than initially meets the eye. Besides the exceptional deals, there is also access to a Free Public Photo Studio fully stocked with all the best photo stands and props available in sl as well as a direct tp to Dulce Secrets.

The Retreat

Possibly the best thing here is the lush gardens and sweet spots that surround The Retreat. Beautifully done by Anne Maertens there are many great places here to drink in the beauty of nature anytime. Spend a little quiet time with someone special in this rowboat watching the Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky, as you sip wine in the candle light at sunset.

 The Retreat

Catch up with an old friend for a long talk in the rose covered trellis next to the lilly pond in the moonlight. 

The Retreat

Perhaps you and a few friends would like to get together to hang out around the fire as you wind down, discussing the days events.

 The Retreat

Maybe a little time alone is in order to clear your mind, lounging in the pergola watching the breeze blow through the Wysteria while you ponder the meaning of life.

The Retreat

Steal your love away and surprise them with a romantic picnic at the waters edge.The perfect place to stage a memorable evening or proposal even.

This is just a little of what you will see at The Retreat. I invite you to come and explore the gardens at The Retreat and take in the breathtaking views all around. An excellent place to hang out relishing all that nature has to offer and also since you can rez here makes a great place to take pics. (we only ask that you clean up after yourself of course).

Ty for reading and hope to see you around The Retreat sometime enjoying these lovely gardens.!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bloody Valentine Horror Show 2012

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Imagine you have a old friend that moved away, and before you knew it the years had passed and you have now received an invitation to their wedding. You prepare to make the big trip that you had not managed to in years. Then days before the weddings you get a mysterious message from your friend that simply says "Please don't come". Unable to get your friend to respond, and having made all the arrangements for the trip, you set off confused and concerned to find out what happened to your friend. Arriving in Boundary Town your adventure begins.

Bloody Valentine

The Bloody Valentine Horror Show 2012  is an interactive journey where you pick up a hud and navigate your way though Boundary Town collecting pages of your friends diary to make some sense of the sudden change in plans. As you collect the pages some interesting things will happen. After collecting all the pages you finally make it to the church but the adventure is not over yet.

From there you are taken away to "That Side". That Side is the same as Boundary Town but something is a little different... You go through the streets , helping the residents and your friend hoping for a happy ending. For those that take the journey and complete it there are some gifts at the end. One for men and one for women.

Bloody Valentine

This event runs through March 10th and also features a great Bloody Valentines Market with lots of great goodies from some awesome SL designers, valentines themed, with great couples items as well. To see more about the market ... check here.

Bloody Valentine

This was a lot of fun and really neat, there are surprises and twist around every corner, so get out there and don't miss out on this unique experience.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Feast is in a group of sims that boast vast vegetative beauty. This not to be missed sim, features some of the best flowers and plants in sl to enjoy in many settings. 

Fields of fragrant wildflowers, cool bridges and nice water features though out the whole sim.

The fertile landscape is dotted with some charming cottages and greenhouses. 

Even a great fantasy area with rainbows, fairy ring and magnificent glass orbs. 

Have a seat and spend some time with good company watching the waves as the sun sets. Rose gardens, tree houses and even a nice deck overlooking a great view of the ocean. Too many fantastic things to list and show here. As many times as I have been here I discover something new anytime I come here. I hope you will check it out and enjoy it as much as I do.

See you around the grid

Thursday, October 6, 2011


The Zarra Sim is home to Zaara Couture as well as some other great shops, but besides that it is beautifully done.

When you tp in by the front entrance of the Zaara Couture store you are welcomed by what I take to be a banyan tree, decorated with streamers. The banyan is the national tree of India, with strong and deep roots it serves to symbolize unity. It is said that married Hindu women will often worship this tree in hopes to lead a long and happy married life.

If you walk around a little you will come upon this street, that includes a barber shop and great open air market. Watch out for our bovine friends.Cows are very sacred to the Hindu and you will see them roaming about freely in some cities.

Another stunning work and my personal favorite feature of this sim is the Temple to Ganesh. Considered to be a God of prosperity, many look to him as a protector and remover of obstacles.

You will need to remove your shoes before entering. Once inside you will see all the wonderful offerings of sweets and incense. Everything he holds symbolizes something, such as the axe in his upper right hand. It  symbolizes a dettachment of desires that can be obstructive,and also serves as a prod to push men to a path of righteousness and truth. You can read more about Ganesh here.

After spending some time exploring this exotic sim, swing by the Nasha Lounge right across from Zaara Couture. Nasha in Hindi means intoxication. This is the perfect place to sit and talk with friends or dance the night away to some Bollywood tunes. It is also available for parties and other functions.

I hope that you will take time to explore this magnificent sim

See you around the grid

Monday, June 6, 2011

Love Padlock Bridge

Lovers Padlock Bridge

No one is really sure where the practice of lovers placing padlocks on a bridge and throwing away the key to signify their love originated but it is something that is taking place all over the world in rl. Now at the Love Padlock Bridge, there is a place in sl where you can share this experience with your love and share your story with the world.

Lovers Padlock Bridge

Tradition states that lovers will put their initials, a special date or other info on the lock and place it on a bridge and then they throw the key into the water to show their eternal commitment to the unbreakable bond of love.

Lovers Padlock Bridge

When you click the locks on this bridge you will learn about the love story that produced them. If you have found real love in sl and would like to share this experience with someone special, just touch the kiosk when you land and it will give you a note card with instructions on how to add your lock to the bridge.

Love Lock

Besides the bridge there is a nice little park area with plenty of sweet spots to spend time with good friends and lovers. Come and add your lock to the bridge, check out the other locks and explore this cool spot.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cup of Goodness

One night a dear friend of mine, Suzie, took me to this cool little coffee shop. I didn't know then what a jewel she had found and how much time I would come to spend here.

Elisabeth Fairy Queen of Cup of Goodness

Cup of Goodness coffee house is the creation of Elisabeth Beurling, it has been in operation since 2006. After a brief closing in 2009 it was reopened in Sept 2010 to the delight of many. It is housed in this great building that looks like a refurbished mill or something. The building was originally custom made to house posters and artwork that Lis, used to sale. As a matter of fact much of the art and furnishings there are still for sale.

Cup of Goodness Parlor

The building itself has 3 floors inside with many great places to curl up and clear your mind, have a deep meaningful talk or engage in great conversation with Lis and the other regulars here. The whole place is so warm and welcoming you will meet no strangers here. Prepare yourself for spontaneous dancing and merriment.

Cup of Goodness Patio

Besides the building there are some great outdoor spaces too. Step out the back onto the patio, maybe join everyone in some dancing or grab a seat for some quiet outdoor time looking over the water. Off to the side is also an area with a bonfire and more great places to chill out.

Cup of Goodness Bonfire

Cross the covered bridge that leads to the Annex, a venue here set up for live events. Live music, poetry readings and great discussions about food, wine and more. If you would like more info on events join the Cup of Goodness group in world or swing by and pick up info in the coffee house or annex.

The annex at Cup of Goodness

Lis said that this coffee house was her favorite thing about second life because of the people that come there and the world view they give on current events. I can see why and now it is one of my favorite things about second life too. When you need some time to relax and enjoy some great conversation, head on over to the Cup of Goodness and pull up a seat. Let them know Margaux sent you. See you there sometime!!