Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lollygagger Lane

From the first time I got to Lollygagger Lane I got a warm welcome from Marvin Shackleton the manager of the Maple Motel. Also on the welcoming committee, Former SLPD Officer Nicky P. the pig and Lady Pertelote the chicken, roaming free in the filthy streets to welcome all that come here. The people seemed friendly enough so I decided to have a look around.

I found a 7 Seas fishing hole and decided to rest my weary mind in the rocking chair then a little Zyngo, in my quest for riches on one trip to this amazingly detailed build that spans over 3 sims. There are many attractions and features to this one of a kind place. There is a Brothel if you want to give into your carnal desires and can get the comlimentary crabs that are available.Don't get caught or you could end up on the wall of shame behind there. Be sure to say Hi to Bertha while you are there. All men love Bertha!! Lot of fun surprises be sure to look everywhere.

If that is not your thing there is a VooDoo Shack where you can find out your fate or take it into your own hands. Also the Maple Motel and a gallery with some rl pics of places that inspired this build. When you tp in there is a living room area where you can hang out, play tunes on the you tube television there and also there are a couple of freebies you can pick up. Cool milk crate to sit on and also a lamp. When there is no Dj on duty enjoy the relaxing reggae stream that they have there.

There is also plenty of shopping here too. Some of the stores that have a home on Lollygagger Lane are Nanji+ ,Pounds Pharmacy, Devo, Ewww and Tooter Claxton's avatar shop where you can get this nifty chicken av you here in the pics with me on the scooter. There are many unique stores and items, be sure to check it all out. May take more than one trip. There is an offical freebie area here also.

So many things to see and do. If I wrote about all the stuff I like about this place I would not be done for a while. Also anytime you come any number of colorful locals may be about. Like Baltoro Haystack who works at the newstand and local regular paramparamm Papp who made the bufferflies here and also has a vendor for them. You may even see Eolene Uralia and
Raskolnikow Roffo, 2 of the main builders here.

There is also a monthly noob auction here which the proceeds from this months will help to fund a rl wedding, and there is a donation box in the living room that will be there til 30 may for wedding fund if you feel inclined to donate and don't want the responsibilties that come with taking on a noob. Speaking of the Auction is on the 24th of May at 1pm slt but you can come and start browsing at 12 noon slt that day. You can buy or be bought. This is a wonderful place to explore that is ever changing and fun everytime I go. Don't miss a chance to see something truely unique in sl. Too many great things to mention you have to experience it for yourself. What are you waiting for? I may see you there...


Picture Credits:
Top: Moi, in the foreground Baltoro Haystack and on the Rt Marvin Shackleton

2nd:Baltoro Haystack about to help xx get crabs.

3rd: Dancing in Brothel windows Lft: Darianna Alonzo, Middle: Eolene Uralia and Rt Moi

4th:Unidentified Chicken and Moi on joy ride in the streets

5th: Ride over when I crashed scooter in the sewer sledge could not go in for it there was a piranah or something .

6th: What do we have here? It is the VooDoo Shack

7th: In the VooDoo Shack making Him pay!!! Take that MF!!

8th and 9th paramparamm Papp and Raskolnikow Roffo