Monday, March 28, 2011

Cup of Goodness

One night a dear friend of mine, Suzie, took me to this cool little coffee shop. I didn't know then what a jewel she had found and how much time I would come to spend here.

Elisabeth Fairy Queen of Cup of Goodness

Cup of Goodness coffee house is the creation of Elisabeth Beurling, it has been in operation since 2006. After a brief closing in 2009 it was reopened in Sept 2010 to the delight of many. It is housed in this great building that looks like a refurbished mill or something. The building was originally custom made to house posters and artwork that Lis, used to sale. As a matter of fact much of the art and furnishings there are still for sale.

Cup of Goodness Parlor

The building itself has 3 floors inside with many great places to curl up and clear your mind, have a deep meaningful talk or engage in great conversation with Lis and the other regulars here. The whole place is so warm and welcoming you will meet no strangers here. Prepare yourself for spontaneous dancing and merriment.

Cup of Goodness Patio

Besides the building there are some great outdoor spaces too. Step out the back onto the patio, maybe join everyone in some dancing or grab a seat for some quiet outdoor time looking over the water. Off to the side is also an area with a bonfire and more great places to chill out.

Cup of Goodness Bonfire

Cross the covered bridge that leads to the Annex, a venue here set up for live events. Live music, poetry readings and great discussions about food, wine and more. If you would like more info on events join the Cup of Goodness group in world or swing by and pick up info in the coffee house or annex.

The annex at Cup of Goodness

Lis said that this coffee house was her favorite thing about second life because of the people that come there and the world view they give on current events. I can see why and now it is one of my favorite things about second life too. When you need some time to relax and enjoy some great conversation, head on over to the Cup of Goodness and pull up a seat. Let them know Margaux sent you. See you there sometime!!


Thursday, March 10, 2011


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I found, Roche, this great little spot through the showcase. I am not sure what I expected but something about this place feels like home. There are many sweet spots, activities and interesting details to explore here.

Starting off at this cool little park, take time to picnic with friends, catch a show at the little amphitheater or watch the sun go down swinging on this awesome tire swing. There are also free bikes here you can get to explore the sim with.

Roche Park

Following the trail around past the hot dog stand, I run into a friend on my way to the bakery.

Roche Hotdog Stand

Time for a little work. These pastries are not going to make themselves :P.

Roche Bakery

Taking a bike ride in the fresh air seeing all the sites of the country side.

Roche Country Road

Be sure to explore this cozy little farmhouse on top of the hill.

Roche Farmhouse

Get warm & cozy up for a long talk with a friend or quiet time to sort your thoughts

Roche Cafe and Gallery

Besides the bikes to ride there is a little pond with boats available. There are new friends to be found at the park and next to the farmhouse. The whole place gives a warm familiar feeling, and evokes memories of a simpler time. This place is put together beautifully and the details that were used in setting this all up is amazing. If you are looking for a nice place to get away from it all this is it. Don't take my word for it see for yourself...

See you on the grid