Friday, October 17, 2008

Silvanus- DreamWorld SE

I decided that there were too many cool places to see in sl and not blog on those too so I started this. The first time I put out a call to the people I know for cool places to go. This was one of the first places that was offered up to me. Silvanus means of the woods and was also the name of the roman god of the forest. This was formerly Bettina Tizzy's Chakryn Forest and Treehouse. From what I understand she was not able to keep it up and for a time it looked like sl was about to loose a real treasure. Enter Kirk Nabob whose love for this amazing sim drove him to take it over and preserve it for all to enjoy. It is a beautiful forest with many nice spots to reflect on things and get away from all the craziness in any life.

The treehouse is one of the great fixtures of this place. It is huge and mostly empty but the views from here are amazing. Upstairs there is a nice place you can chill out or even play the piano, alone or with a friend.

Another great and totally unique spot that this place boast is an interactive painting where you can die like Marat in the famous painting by Jacques-Louis David. This was a project by AM Radio who by the way is responsible for many great builds and places that you will no doubt see here at sometime. He recreated this painting and put in a pose ball so that anyone can take part in that tragic scene again. When it as discovered that it was just sitting somewhere on a platform Bettina Tizzy, former owner of the forest and founder of the Not Possible in Real Life art group, decided that the forest would be a great home for this hidden masterpiece.

There is a little gully with a glowing willow and a hidden cave with glowing purple crystals. Also nestled through out the park are little places to talk and spend time with friends and loved ones. My words really cannot do this place justice. Best to come and see it for yourself. While I was at this park pondering on the pics I would have I ran into Scramp Wingtips, who had a fantastic av and was willing to pose for me.. thanks. Maybe I will see you there sometime too!! Enjoy