Monday, March 8, 2010

The Quiet: Further Away and Further Apart

I for one have been in awe of the great works of AM Radio from the first time I experienced the simple elegance and serenity of The Far Away. From what I understand it was the first of what would be many immersive interactive art installations across the grid. I have been lucky enough to experience a lot of his work, The Far Away, The Refuge and Expansion, The Space Between the Trees and The Red and The Wild, just to name a few. In the true nature of many things in sl , some of these works are no more or have been moved and/or integrated into new works. Currently the bulk of AM Radios installations are on display on the IDIA exhibition and installation sim for artists-in-residence hosted by the Institute for DIgital Intermedia Arts at Ball State University.

Upon landing you are offered a snow walk and also a compass, to help enhance your experience. Looking ahead you can see the frozen lake with violins strewn all about.

Looking to the south you see an old rowboat in the snow with some evergreen inside and a little piece of art tucked in.

Through the snow you get a glimpse of this warm little cottage that would appear to be the centerpiece of this work, small, simple and warm. You can see the warmth radiating from the windows, Inviting you to come inside

once inside you come down the hall and see this .. a little sink with a water tap and little note that reads .. What you send down that pipe will eventually come back and it's always more disgusting the second time you see it.

Moving in to the main part of the house you see a bed and a stove and some other nostalgic and ecclectic items decorating this space. Laying in the bed will give you what seems to me to be a bad dream

there is also a wood burning stove and a window with a great little spot to think about the complexities of life or anything else you have on your mind.

It is a great work and I have spent hours here, playing with light settings and just taking it all in .

As their inaugural artist-in-residence he has 4 works on display atm. This one The Quiet: Further Away and Further Apart has many components are are a hallmark of AM Radios work, an openness, a sense of calm and a warmth that draws you in and makes you want to know more. Also another thing I like about his exhibits are some unexpected and cool interactive pieces that are present and many of his works. Check out the violins on the ice , the tree outside in front of the house and the bed inside.

I will be visiting his other installments and there will be more to come about AM Radio and is awesome places in world ..