Sunday, June 29, 2008

FLASHMOB: Fashion Con Cafe @SL5B Cake!!

I am a member of the Fashion Consolidated Cafe and have been for sometime. There are many in this group that have shared in some of the most notable conversations I have ever had. If you are in this group then you know what I mean!! That being said sometimes I have the opportunity to bump into or meet up with some of my Fashcon
Cafe fam. Sat morning it was a late night as it was after 1am here got the call for a flash mob at the SL5B cake. All the usual suspects were there, Curvaceous Loon and Teena Basevi just to name a couple. Fun and merriment abound. This cake was huge. See the little stuff on top? Thats not sprinkles, well not the kind you are used to... they are FashCon sprinkles. Check out these cool pictures. Also from what I understand there are many festivities associated with SL5B (second life 5th birthday) that will be going on until July 7th or if I am not mistaken. So if you have a chance should check some of them out . Here are some pictures of all this HAWTNESS, Don' Hate!!......

Top Picture: SL5B Cake in all is wonderous glory!!
Top Right : another cake shot with all the little peeps on top
Top Left : from left to right Edward Gynoid, Bex Hathaway,Curvaceous Loon, Chelsea Chandler, LaShimmi Magic, (in the way back standing) Chou Skinstad, Teena Basevi and Moi!!
2nd pic to the Rt: Bex Hathaway, Curvaceous Loon, Sileny Noel, Lustinian Tomsen, LaShimmi Magic, Chelsea Chandler, Maire Rhiano, Moi, Teena Basevi and Theta Marseille.
Bottom left: Lustinian Tomsen
Bottom Right:left to right, Bex Hathaway,Curvaceous Loon, Edward Gynoid, and Silney Noel


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