Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pixel Dreams/T- Town

While looking for a place to shoot the Feathered Friends post on Freebie Fashionista, I came across T-Town on Pixel Dreams. T- Town is the creation of Tya Fallingbridge ( owner of Pixel Mode) . It is a loving tribute to many people and dear memories in her life. Mainly dedicated to the memory of her late father and the love of art and life he seemed to instill in her.

Beautiful wide open fields of wheat,

winding dirt roads, covered bridges,

fishing hole,

inspiration point,

and some other wonderful spots there, each with their own special meaning. I don't want to tell too much so that you can discover it for yourself, but if you are interested in knowing about all the special elements of this place and get it in the makers word,look for a sign next to a covered bridge that explains the inspiration to put together such an amazing place. I great place to make some special memories of your own. You can really feel the love that was put into this place....I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I did.

See you around the grid