Friday, July 9, 2010

kekoa & rodazz surfin beyooootch

kekoa & rodazz surfin beyooootch, this awesome tropical paradise was introduced to me by fellow Fashionista Rene Caerndow. This place has it all when you are ready to unwind and spend some time at the beach with friends or also a good place to go when you want a little quiet time.

If you are in the mood to party there is a nice dance floor, dj booth, and bar. There is also a radio so that you set the mood with music. For those that like to live on the edge there is also Russian Roulette game.

If you just want to chill out or perhaps you are a beach bum then this little shack it just for you. It has fishing cool places to hang out and cuddle and even a bed if you are tired.

If you are good Felitia will read you a little story about quantum physics. This cat reads the book and turns the pages soo cute.

If you are ready to hang ten this is one of the best places to do it, with great waves, you can rez a windsurfer or bring your own board. Yours friends can sit and talk in this spot and check out your bitchn' surf moves. Enjoy a tropical drink or some other fave treats of the locals ;) .

For the ladies there is this special chill out area complete with all the girly decor and sweet pedicure rug, we gotta keep the hooves looking right with flip-flip weather upon us!!

As the day turns to night, gather around the warm of the campfire with friends and loved ones. The van has some nice options if you want to get a little closer to the one you are with.

Sitting on the water watching the colors dance on it at sunset and watching the moon rise to light the sky. What better way to end a day? There are boats you can rez and explore more. There are more great areas and things to do here. I didn't want to give it all away. So come on down for some surfing or just plain good company, and I might see you there... Thanks guys for sharing such a great place with all or us.

See you on the Grid

Sunday, June 27, 2010


If you have not been here before this is one place that is not to be missed.This Japanese sim, that appears to be set in the Tokyo of the near future was made to be the set of a movie. This movie of the same name is a series of machinima.

In a brief synopsis of the first movie it would appear that a series of events culminate in someone turning into a huge cyborg spider looking thing after inhaling a strange gas that was released from a cannister when his brief case is knocked out of his hands by would be robbers on a mission. Then the S.I.C. agent and heroine of the city, a rather petite girl named Crimson has to spring into action and defeat the monster in grand style.

If you want to learn a little more about the sim and story you can check out the site and videos here Sick1 , Sick2 both of these are subtitled in English and then there is the trailer for Sick3 that is rumored to be coming out sometime in July 2010.

Sick spans over 3 sims , the first being Sick, consist of a dense urban landscape and vast city with many nooks and crannies that lends itself to RP and combat rather well. There are a few shops, different kinds of restaurants and other cool areas to the city including giant transformer and a bar that has a model of the transformer right inside.

If you look around and come to a platform with a rusted old carousel there are some binoculars like the kind in high places that people put change in to get a look. If you sit there you will get a little guided camera tour of the city. I have been there several times and I still do not think I have seen it all.

Then there is Sick2, this sim is the literal bridge to the 3rd sim, along with the bridge that spans the entire length of the sim there are some buildings that are industrial in nature and to me looks like some kind of plant, the big stacks with smoke billowing out into the air, have poked around a little here but was not there very long. As you walk across the bridge you start to get a glimpse of Sick5, the third and final sim.

Coming into Sick5 you can see that this was once a bustling city too, but something tragic has taken place here, looks like an earthquake hit the city, with old abandoned cars, buildings toppled, and the place in massive disarray cannot help but wonder how it got this way. Still many places to explore here and I even saw cute little studio apartments on this sim, many of them are deceiving of the situation just outside the door, well decorated with all the comforts of an area in much better shape. Lots of cool things to see and well worth the time just walking around there.

For the Creator Mr Curtiz this is merely a hobby, lets be glad that sl provides a medium for such great art that we all get to enjoy. What are you waiting for? Mxx

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pixel Dreams/T- Town

While looking for a place to shoot the Feathered Friends post on Freebie Fashionista, I came across T-Town on Pixel Dreams. T- Town is the creation of Tya Fallingbridge ( owner of Pixel Mode) . It is a loving tribute to many people and dear memories in her life. Mainly dedicated to the memory of her late father and the love of art and life he seemed to instill in her.

Beautiful wide open fields of wheat,

winding dirt roads, covered bridges,

fishing hole,

inspiration point,

and some other wonderful spots there, each with their own special meaning. I don't want to tell too much so that you can discover it for yourself, but if you are interested in knowing about all the special elements of this place and get it in the makers word,look for a sign next to a covered bridge that explains the inspiration to put together such an amazing place. I great place to make some special memories of your own. You can really feel the love that was put into this place....I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I did.

See you around the grid

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Quiet: Further Away and Further Apart

I for one have been in awe of the great works of AM Radio from the first time I experienced the simple elegance and serenity of The Far Away. From what I understand it was the first of what would be many immersive interactive art installations across the grid. I have been lucky enough to experience a lot of his work, The Far Away, The Refuge and Expansion, The Space Between the Trees and The Red and The Wild, just to name a few. In the true nature of many things in sl , some of these works are no more or have been moved and/or integrated into new works. Currently the bulk of AM Radios installations are on display on the IDIA exhibition and installation sim for artists-in-residence hosted by the Institute for DIgital Intermedia Arts at Ball State University.

Upon landing you are offered a snow walk and also a compass, to help enhance your experience. Looking ahead you can see the frozen lake with violins strewn all about.

Looking to the south you see an old rowboat in the snow with some evergreen inside and a little piece of art tucked in.

Through the snow you get a glimpse of this warm little cottage that would appear to be the centerpiece of this work, small, simple and warm. You can see the warmth radiating from the windows, Inviting you to come inside

once inside you come down the hall and see this .. a little sink with a water tap and little note that reads .. What you send down that pipe will eventually come back and it's always more disgusting the second time you see it.

Moving in to the main part of the house you see a bed and a stove and some other nostalgic and ecclectic items decorating this space. Laying in the bed will give you what seems to me to be a bad dream

there is also a wood burning stove and a window with a great little spot to think about the complexities of life or anything else you have on your mind.

It is a great work and I have spent hours here, playing with light settings and just taking it all in .

As their inaugural artist-in-residence he has 4 works on display atm. This one The Quiet: Further Away and Further Apart has many components are are a hallmark of AM Radios work, an openness, a sense of calm and a warmth that draws you in and makes you want to know more. Also another thing I like about his exhibits are some unexpected and cool interactive pieces that are present and many of his works. Check out the violins on the ice , the tree outside in front of the house and the bed inside.

I will be visiting his other installments and there will be more to come about AM Radio and is awesome places in world ..