Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bloody Valentine Horror Show 2012

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Imagine you have a old friend that moved away, and before you knew it the years had passed and you have now received an invitation to their wedding. You prepare to make the big trip that you had not managed to in years. Then days before the weddings you get a mysterious message from your friend that simply says "Please don't come". Unable to get your friend to respond, and having made all the arrangements for the trip, you set off confused and concerned to find out what happened to your friend. Arriving in Boundary Town your adventure begins.

Bloody Valentine

The Bloody Valentine Horror Show 2012  is an interactive journey where you pick up a hud and navigate your way though Boundary Town collecting pages of your friends diary to make some sense of the sudden change in plans. As you collect the pages some interesting things will happen. After collecting all the pages you finally make it to the church but the adventure is not over yet.

From there you are taken away to "That Side". That Side is the same as Boundary Town but something is a little different... You go through the streets , helping the residents and your friend hoping for a happy ending. For those that take the journey and complete it there are some gifts at the end. One for men and one for women.

Bloody Valentine

This event runs through March 10th and also features a great Bloody Valentines Market with lots of great goodies from some awesome SL designers, valentines themed, with great couples items as well. To see more about the market ... check here.

Bloody Valentine

This was a lot of fun and really neat, there are surprises and twist around every corner, so get out there and don't miss out on this unique experience.

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