Thursday, October 6, 2011


The Zarra Sim is home to Zaara Couture as well as some other great shops, but besides that it is beautifully done.

When you tp in by the front entrance of the Zaara Couture store you are welcomed by what I take to be a banyan tree, decorated with streamers. The banyan is the national tree of India, with strong and deep roots it serves to symbolize unity. It is said that married Hindu women will often worship this tree in hopes to lead a long and happy married life.

If you walk around a little you will come upon this street, that includes a barber shop and great open air market. Watch out for our bovine friends.Cows are very sacred to the Hindu and you will see them roaming about freely in some cities.

Another stunning work and my personal favorite feature of this sim is the Temple to Ganesh. Considered to be a God of prosperity, many look to him as a protector and remover of obstacles.

You will need to remove your shoes before entering. Once inside you will see all the wonderful offerings of sweets and incense. Everything he holds symbolizes something, such as the axe in his upper right hand. It  symbolizes a dettachment of desires that can be obstructive,and also serves as a prod to push men to a path of righteousness and truth. You can read more about Ganesh here.

After spending some time exploring this exotic sim, swing by the Nasha Lounge right across from Zaara Couture. Nasha in Hindi means intoxication. This is the perfect place to sit and talk with friends or dance the night away to some Bollywood tunes. It is also available for parties and other functions.

I hope that you will take time to explore this magnificent sim

See you around the grid

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